No doubt you’re aware colors impact the marketability of a home, but did you know there’s a science behind it? And stats to support the findings? It’s information that can have a huge impact on how a home plays in the marketplace. There is a psychology to colors, and the savviest sellers use it to their advantage.

The Three Interior Colors to Avoid When Selling Your Home-

1. Browns are a blast from the past, no doubt. But they also trigger a mental response that should not be overlooked… they never ‘feel’ clean. Why is this? Think of any major restaurant chain in the US. From Outback to Cracker Barrel, and from Red Lobster to McDonalds, Hardees or Burger King. What do they all have in common? Browns! Science tells us brown, orange and yellow trigger a ‘hunger’ response within the brain. This works well for restauranteurs, but in a home, inevitably, these colors simply feel ‘greasy’. And, whether the prospect can put their finger on it or not, browns do not ‘feel’ clean, no matter how clean the home may be.

2. Greens are such a personal decision. They can look great to the person choosing them yet they often appear too personal to the person viewing them. Pinks and baby blues are actually less personal. Greens give the feeling the prospect is looking at ‘someone else’s house’ as opposed to seeing themselves in it. It is, in fact, a color that cannot be overcome. In selling your home the goal should be to provide as much of a blank canvas as possible- to allow the prospect to see ‘their’ colors, furniture and possessions in your home. Green is one of those colors that forces a person to make a decision on whether they like it or not. And in doing so, they will miss, and often pass, on the potential of the rooms themselves, seeing only a ‘green room’ that will clash with all of their rugs.

3. Yellows, reminds me of home. No color evokes nostalgia like a good yellow. But why? For many decades, after playing with shades of white, yellow was one of the most popular colors to use inside the home. Remember brown paneling below the chair rail and yellow above? The average home buyer age in the US has gone up slightly to 33. Meaning they were born, on average, in 1985. And guess what the most popular color was in the 80’s? You got it- yellows. And who wants to buy the home they grew up in… no one. They want modern, they want different, they want new. Even a new home, with yellow rooms, will ‘feel’ old to this demographic, and many others. And let’s not even talk about golds- see McDonalds above.

So there you have it. A quick look at three colors to avoid when showing your home.

A recent study of over 32,000 home sales showed that houses with ‘greige’ color interiors sold on average for more than $3,400 over those with yellows and browns.

Yes, they’re gonna paint it anyway, and probably with ugly colors, but they have to buy it first. Give them as much of a blank canvas as possible.

Let ‘em buy your walls, not your colors…!

More on this, and the Top Three Colors to Take to Market, in the next correspondence. Thank you, and as always, let us know if we can help.

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