Top 5 questions to Ask When Hiring A Painter


Will you sub-contract my job to someone else?

Many times the person that measures your project, asks all the questions and schedules your service date is not a painter. They are doing what they do best- selling. They then transfer the job, and, hopefully, all of the details, to people you've never met. At FPS we are painters- we do not use salespeople. The individual that comes to your home and shakes your hand is the same one that will see your project to completion. Always ask- are you the painter or a sub-contractor?

How did you come up with my price?

This one is very important. Not because of the price itself, but because businesses with standardized systems are typically the most organized. If someone 'guesses' at a bid they are likely to carry that philosophy through to production as well. There should be no mystery to pricing anything- labor+materials+mark-up... that's it. Mark-up covers business admin, insurance etc, as well as profit and ROI. Always ask- how did you come up with my price? The answer may answer more than you asked.

Do you have references?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is few people actually ask. A reference is far more about a team's character and integrity than their skill. Pictures on a website can demonstrate their ability, but only honest feedback from previous clients can provide that level of confidence necessary to invite someone to your home.

Why should we hire you?

I simply love this question! Maybe it's because I've seen the blank stares I get in return when I ask it myself. But every now and then someone knocks it out of the park. If the right person is standing in front of you, they will have absolutely no problem responding to this query. So, why you over all the others out there...?

What can you tell me about your crew?

In most every case it will take more than one person to complete your job in a reasonable amount of time. And, unlike a plumber or landscaper who is there only briefly, a paint team can be at your home on multiple days, even a week or more. Ask about the team the painter uses. A proud owner/operator will be excited to tell you all about the team he or she has assembled. How many people will you use? Who are they? How long have they worked for you? Fair questions, all.


Of course there are more. Email or text us if you run into anything not covered. We'd love to hear from you!

And here is, in our opinion, the greatest question of all- regardless of the company you are looking to hire or buy from, determine the following and you will never go wrong...

"Does the company I'm considering doing business with view Customer Satisfaction as an expense, an upsell or an Investment"