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Fresh Paint can take an ordinary house to an extraordinary home, give us a call today

Selling your home- try not to limit your customer's imagination with bold colors. Homes for sale should receive a nice, Fresh coat of neutral colors, allowing buyers to visualize what they would do with the house, as opposed to giving a subconscious yes or no to your selections, and often the home itself. Remember, their imagination is your best selling tool- give them a Fresh canvas

New Construction- full service new home coatings, interior and exterior. We'll work closely with you to make sure you can visualize, and maximize your options. Not in town often, how about a Virtual Walk-Through by phone or chat. And we're quite comfortable working with your GC or RC on-site

Repaints-  nothing takes your Home from "how long have we lived here?" to "I can't wait to come home everyday" like Fresh Paint. Your Home has been wearing the same colors for years- bring it back to life. It's the simplest way to have a new house without breaking out a hammer, or breaking the bank



Many wonder why we offer DIY advice, doesn't it take business away... 

Not at all. No business can increase their value until they first increase their service. Our society is so competitive that we fail to realize this basic element of success. If, based on our willingness to help, a person decides to later employ us then we have done exactly what the American system was designed to do- create success through service. There's enough 'competition' out there that has this all backwards to keep us quite busy

Planning a DIY project for your home, a friend, a family member? Click below for advice, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. And don't worry, we will not try to sell you anything or expect you to subscribe to a newsletter.

Honest people, honest advice, honest work

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Colors and Their Effects


Nothing has the calming effect of a blue, or the aggressive persuasion of a red

Colors have such a large influence on our moods that entire books have been written on this subject alone. Did you know that browns, in combination with orange and yellow, make us hungry? It's almost a Pavlovian response. Look at your major chain restaurants... how many employee these colors? The point is this- the colors you choose for your home, office etc have an impact on your mood, your attitude and even your motivation

What does your space say about you? More importantly, what does your space say to you? Work with somene that understands

Changing colors can create a whole new feel for your life. Look at how many different colors something as simple as a t-shirt comes in... do you have a favorite color, or colors? We change clothes, and colors daily to meet our moods and tasks. Changing the color of a room can do the same

Three Types of Quotes

Quote for Budgeting

We get it... your project may be in the beginning phase and you need a number for budgeting purposes. Not a problem, we'll help.

Competitive Quote

Always get at least three quotes for your project. And be sure to ask the right questions- see our Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Painter

Marketing Quote

Want to see what it will cost to paint your home before selling it? We'll provide the estimate and stick around to discuss ROI

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